Brown STEAM believes the future belongs to interdisciplinary thinkers.

About Us

Brown STEAM is a student group at Brown University. The mentality of STEAM hinges upon the ability to draw astute connections between disciplines and fearlessly explore potential for collaboration at the interface. We strive to integrate the creativity and aesthetics of the arts; the problem solving tools and rigor of the STEM fields; and the critical thinking and ethical considerations of the humanities. We believe that this unification powerfully drives progress toward the future.

As a student group we hold regular meetings, usually made up of STEAM-related discussions, speakers, or events. We also host on-campus workshops, do outreach within Brown and the local community, and take occasional field trips. We seek to provide a platform, resource base, and discussion group for interdisciplinary thinking and projects.

Get Involved

The first way to get more involved is to sign up for our newsletter. After that, we recommend that you read about what we have been up to in our blog and see if you can find something that interests you. Then, fill out a profile here and someone from our leadership team will reach out to you to help you figure out what the best way for you to get involved is. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your major or background. We think that a diversity of backgrounds is essential to our success. Of course, don't hesitate to email us anytime at We can't wait to hear from you!


See our blog in full for inspiration and record of what we have done.

STEAMstudio is a Summer 2014 class at Brown for high schoolers taught by one of our mentors, Ian Gonsher. This site contains many resources for digital manufacturing and creativity.


Brown STEAM was started by two interdisciplinary-minded Brown students, Hanna McPhee (Independent Concentrator in Bio-Inspired Design 2014) and Michelle Site (Biology 2014), with initial meetings beginning in Winter 2012-2013. The two quickly partnered with Brown's Science Center and Creative Arts Council and started amassing a student following. During Summer 2013 Brown STEAM began partnering with RISD STEAM to jointly hold events and bring in speakers.

See our friends at RISD STEAM.

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Some of our friends: AS220, Speak Your Mind Foundation, Founders League, Design for America, Brown IEEE, A Better World By Design, STEAMstudio, Techstyle Haus.

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